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Train the Trainer in March 2022

We are pleased to inform you that our next Train the Trainer course starts in July '22 and will take place on the following days and hours (Greek Time):

JULY 2022

Monday 11  4 hours       (11.00 am-15.00 pm)

Tuesday 12  4 hours     (11.00 -15.00 pm)

Wednesday 13  4 hours   (11.00 -15.00 pm)

Thursday 14  4 hours   (11.00 am-15.00 pm)

Friday 15  4 hours   (11.00 am-15.00 pm)

Saturday 16  5 hours   (11.00 am-16.00pm)

Sunday 17  5 hours    (11.00 am-16.00 pm)

Below you may find all the information you need:

TUITION FEES: £585.00 (1-2 deposits before or during the course)

Duration of the course: 30 hours input + 10 hours homework

Course dates: see above

Course trainers: Dr Paschalis Chliaras FHEA, Cambridge Lead Trainer and Alexandra Green, Cambridge Lead Trainer, Team Leader Cambridge Assessment English

Please find attached the application form that you need to complete and send to

Train the Trainer is a course for
experienced teachers

With Train the Trainer, teachers show that they:

  • have developed skills for designing and delivering teacher training sessions and courses

  • have deepened their understanding of key issues in planning and delivering training courses

  • have developed an understanding of good practice in observing and giving feedback to course participants

  • have identified strategies for their further development as a trainer.

Reasons to choose Train the Trainer:

  • Develop skilled local teacher trainers using Cambridge English expertise.

  • Build sustainability into teacher development programmes.

  • Enables delivery of the CELT-P and CELT-S courses, but can also be delivered as separate trainer training.

  • Gives experienced teachers the opportunity to extend their skills and experience.

Apply today!

Applied Language Studies House Ltd

25 Cabot Square,

11th floor, Office number 11.094

London E14 4QZ, United Kingdom


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