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1st Symposium on Language Education and Research

This is a face-to-face event

University of Greenwich, London, UK

On February 18th and 19th, 2023

Theme: Building the bedrock: Interactive teaching and curriculum and assessment innovations.

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We are diligently working on bringing the most knowledgeable researchers and educators from all over the world, as well as leaders in the industry to explore important topics such as

  • Innovation in Language Teaching,

  • Second Language Acquisition,

  • Bilingualism/Trilingualism,

  • Evolution in Language Variation,

  • History and Development of ELT,

  • Language Awareness,

  • Phonology,

  • ELT Methodology,

  • Assessment,

  • Learning Technologies,

  • Teaching Business English,

  • Teaching EAP,

  • Teaching ESP,

  • Teacher Training Education,

  • Teaching Young Learners,

  • Teacher Development,

  • Research in Language Teaching,

  • Discourse analysis,

  • Corpus Linguistics,

  • Applied Linguistics.

The 1st Symposium on Language Education and Research will entail two full days of sessions on cutting edge issues related to Language Education and Research. There are also many opportunities for networking and socializing with our colleagues.

This year we intend to have a more interactional mode throughout the day so that the audience is given plenty of time to interact and share their context. The format is fluid to meet the expectations of the presenters and delegates. We welcome the formats as listed below:

Papers: 30 minutes (incl. a 10-minute discussion

Workshops: 45 minutes (incl. a 10 minute discussion)

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