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Study Cambridge Delta in Athens, Greece

Had you ever thought of studying and holidaying at the same time?

Focusing on your professional development we are offering the following benefits package to you:

  1. Teacher training (Delta which is equivalent to MA in ELT/TESOL)

  2. Collaboration with the Research Centre for Applied Languages and Linguistics (e.g. participation in research projects undertaken by the Research Centre)

  3. Opportunities to contribute (as an author and member of the board of Editors) to the Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics published twice a year

  4. Free 6 Academic English sessions that will prepare you for the Research paper (Module 3)


ALS House Delta Centre

Cambridge Delta results

Dina (M1 and M2 -Pass with Distinction, M3 Pass with Merit), ​Maria (M1 - Pass with Distinction),  Daniel (M2 - Pass with Distinction, M3 - Pass), Joanna (M1 - Pass with Distinction), Nora (M1- Pass with Merit), Alex (M2 - Pass with Merit), Nick (M2 - Pass with Merit), Pola (M2 - Pass with Merit, Eleftheria (M2 - Pass with Merit), Walter (M2 - Pass with Merit), Lia (M2 - Pass with Merit), Martina (M2 - Pass with Merit), Iris (M2- Pass with Merit), Jon (M2 - Pass with Merit), Katerina (M1 - Pass with Merit), Greg (M1 and M2 -Pass with Merit), Stella M (M1), Fofi (M2), Kata (M2), Vicky (M2), Tanya (M3), Natasha (M3), Zinovia (M1, M2), Ria (M2), Nina (M2), Kelly (M2), Thanasi (M1, M2, M3), Alexandra Fil. (M2), Alexandra Fount. (M1), Rea (M1), Maria (M2), Steve (M3), Florentia (M2), Minas (M1), Sophia (M1, M2, M3), Matthew (M2), Margarita (M2), Rousa (M2), Christina (M1), Fofi (M1 & M2), Dionysi (M1), Mania (M2),Katerina (M1- Merit), Roula (M1), Zoe  (M1), Christina (M1), Eri (M1 & M2), Tasso (M3), Vivien (M2), Ekaterina (M2), Georgia (M1 & M2), Artem (M2),Evi (M1), Vicky (M1 & M2), Leonardo (M1)

Congratulations on your outstanding success! ALS House Delta Centre wishes you all the best for your future career. 

Our successful candidates say...

Having done extensive research, I decided to entrust ALS Delta Centre with my preparation and I am very pleased I did so. Due to my tutors' valuable and supportive advice and guidance I managed to complete the course successfully and thus I am now much more confident both as a teacher and as an individual.

One of the reasons I chose ALS Delta Centre was because it provides a flexible and convenient alternative to intensive and face-to-face courses. As a full-time working professional and mother, I was in need of a course which would allow me to study and work at my own pace. At ALS Delta Centre I was offered a tailor-made course, one which was entirely based on my needs and availability, and I became part of a study group with a small number of participants that took part in online discussions. The updated online library and rich list of resources were of invaluable importance whilst preparing my assignments and lesson plans.

Doing the Delta Module 2 course was a challenging but at the same time extremely rewarding experience. None of it would, however, have been possible without the centre's excellent team of supportive, experienced and knowledgeable tutors. To all of you at ALS Delta Centre a big thank you for your patience, guidance and motivation throughout the course. I am indefinitely grateful and would wholeheartedly recommend the centre to anyone considering doing the Delta Module 2 course in the future. 

Martina Baltas  - Module 2

Brief summary of the content

The Delta consists of 3 independent modules, which can be taken separately or in combination on ALS Delta Centre’s full-time courses. You receive a (Pass, Merit or Distinction) certificate for each module you complete successfully, and when you have passed all three you receive a certificate of your overall Delta qualification.


Module 1 (Understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching) is assessed externally through 2 x 90-minute written examinations in either (usually first Wednesday of) June or December, on practical and theoretical aspects of English language and teaching. Written exam in June  or  December


Module 2 (Developing Professional Practice) focuses on the elements of planning and teaching a lesson, and is assessed through a portfolio of coursework, including 4 observed lessons, with full lesson plans and 2500-word background written assignments, and a professional development assignment. Assessment completed during course.


Module 3 (Extending practice and English language teaching specialisation) is assessed externally through an extended written assignment of 4,500 words on a specialist area of English language teaching such as Business English, Young Learners, English for Specific Purposes, English for Academic Purposes, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), ELT Management, Learners with Special Requirements, in which you design a course for a specific group of learners. Assessment submitted June or December 



There is a number of accommodation options. To avoid disappointment, we strongly advise you to apply early.That way you can be sure of getting the course date and accommodation you want. You will enjoy modern bedrooms – kitchen (open plan or not, depending on the type of accommodation) fully equipped with the necessary furniture and the essential electric and sanitary appliances, as well as a private bathroom. Semi-double bed, nightstand and closet, AC (heating-cooling), telephone & tv socket, hypoallergenic mattress, ergonomic desk, wifi and wired internet are included.

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GREECE  (Applied Language Studies House) 

Headquarters: 31 Kefallinias St, 18345, Athens   

tel. +302104821351 



Branch: 21 Vasileos Irakleiou Street, Thessaloniki, 54623   

tel. +302310275272 & +306973403006


UK (Applied Language Studies House Ltd)

25 Cabot Square, London E14 4QZ, UK
11th floor, Office number 11.094

tel. +44(0)7552119512 | 01503770851



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