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Programmes by ALS House London

Programme offerings

By creating a professional, consistent, and welcoming environment, Applied Language Studies House Ltd helps to foster the confidence and curiosity of our candidates while preparing them for their future. Each day is enriched with hands-on experiences, providing ample opportunities for candidates to improve their knowledge-base while developing essential teaching skills. See the classes being offered at Applied Language Studies House Ltd.

TEAP - Teaching Practice Class


Class Modules: TP101,TP102, TP103, TP104

Entry Requirements

English level: C1+

Minimum age: 18

Course length: 4 months (80 hours)

January, February, March, April 2023

Cost:  £850

TESOL Methodology

People Attending Class

Class Modules: TM101, YL101 and LA101

Entry Requirements

English level: C1+

Minimum age: 18

Course length: 4 months (80 hours)

April, May, June, July 2023

Cost:  £1250

Brief description

Teaching Practice Class

Course overview

Teaching is provided through small-and- large-group supervisions and classes as well as through lectures.

Our candidates typically attend 65 hours of lectures, 5 hours of individual, paired or small-group supervision and 10 hours tutorials. You normally write one academic level essay every week which is discussed with your supervisor.

Our candidates are assessed by written examinations (CB or PB) and teaching practice.

TESOL Methodology

Course Overview

This course is divided into three sessions: the first session includes lectures on TESOL Methodology (TM101) whereas the second one (YL101) consists of Teaching Young Learners input & practical sessions. The third one is about Language Awareness. For the first two months, a typical week involves five hours of input and practice on a daily basis, and for the third and fourth months, a typical week involves 5 hours (on a weekly basis) of participation in our research labs, supervision and practical classes.
Our candidates are assessed by written examination (CB or PB) and their participation in our research projects.

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