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(Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary)

Reasons to Choose CELT-P:

Ideal for teachers who speak English as a second language.

  • Flexible and convenient study options.

  • ‘Theory to practice’ assignments enable teachers to apply what they have learned to their own classes.

  • Teachers gain two Cambridge English certificates: CELT-P and TKT: Young Learners.

Primary school teachers can develop their classroom skills and teaching confidence with CELT-P. It’s a practical English teaching qualification that gives teachers the relevant skills to get the best from 6–12 year-old learners.

The course helps teachers to create strategies for the key challenges of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), such as developing learners’ listening and speaking abilities in large classes.

Teachers build on their teaching knowledge and skills, through a combination of online study and observed teaching practice with an approved trainer.

CELT-P is at Foundation to Developing stages on the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.

Group Discussion


With CELT-P, teachers can show that they:

  • have developed their understanding of, and ability to respond to, the specific needs of primary school learners.

  • have extended the range of approaches for developing their learners’ language skills.

  • have become more aware of ways to make effective use of resources to support learning in and beyond the classroom.

Course component

English Language Teaching (ELT) methodology (incl. nine modules)
Teaching practice (incl. Teaching observations)

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Work Stations


There are nine CELT-P modules. All nine modules focus on theory and practice and can be completed in any order.

1 Language awareness for teaching

2 Developing listening and speaking skills in the primary classroom

3 Developing reading and writing skills in the primary classroom

4 Resources for learning in the primary classroom

5 Managing the primary classroom

6 Developing language use in the primary classroom

7 Language learning and the primary learner

8 Planning language learning in the primary context

9 Assessing language learning in the primary context


You will be assessed in the following ways:

English Language Teaching methodology

  • Completion of the online modules and progress tests

  • A multiple-choice teaching knowledge test (TKT:YL)

Teaching practice

  • Completion of portfolio tasks

  • Assessment of teaching.

College Classroom

What else do you need to know?

CEFR level requirement: B1 and above

Hours: 120

Award: Certificate CELT-P & TKT  YL

Cost:  730 euros (incl. exam fees)

Course programme

From September 20th, 2021 to June 25th, 2022
Every Saturday 10am-2pm

College Library

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